Prasat Kravan

Prasat Kravan: A Hidden Gem in the Heart of Angkor

Located within the sprawling Angkor Archaeological Park, Prasat Kravan stands as a unique testament to the architectural ingenuity of the Khmer Empire. Built in the 10th century under the reign of King Harshavarman I, this lesser-known temple offers a serene escape from the more crowded sites of Angkor.

The Significance of Prasat Kravan

Prasat Kravan, dedicated to the Hindu god Vishnu, is notable for its distinct brick construction and bas-relief carvings.

Prasat Kravan

Unlike many other temples in the region, Prasat Kravan was likely constructed by high-ranking officials rather than a king, showcasing a different aspect of Angkorian society.

Exploring the Architectural Marvel

The temple features five towers, aligned north to south, each containing unique bas-reliefs carved directly into the brick – a technique rare in Angkorian architecture. These carvings depict Vishnu and his consort, Lakshmi, offering insight into the religious practices and artistic styles of the time.

Prasat Kravan

The Bas-Reliefs of Prasat Kravan

The central tower houses the most impressive bas-reliefs, including a depiction of Vishnu standing on the mythical serpent Ananta. This imagery is not only a masterpiece of Khmer art. But it is also a symbol of the god’s power and eternal nature.

Prasat Kravan

To fully capture this beautiful image, you should have a 360-degree camera.

How to Get There

Prasat Kravan is easily accessible from Siem Reap, located just a few kilometers south of the main Angkor Wat complex. Visitors can reach the temple by bike, tuk-tuk, or as part of a guided tour. It is a convenient addition to any Angkor itinerary.

Best Time to Visit

To fully appreciate the quiet beauty of this temple, visiting during the early morning or late afternoon is the best. These times offer softer light for photography and a more peaceful atmosphere.


Although there are no tours that visit only Prasat Kravan, many Angkor Wat tours include a visit to this temple. The tours named “small circuit” are particularly good to visit this temple. Please click here to see a full list of tours that visit Prasat Kravan.



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