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Exploring the Roluos Group: The Dawn of Angkor Civilization

The Roluos Group is a collection of some of the earliest permanent structures built by the Khmer Empire. It serves as a fascinating introduction to the architectural and cultural beginnings of Angkor. Located a short distance southeast of Siem Reap, Cambodia, this group of monuments offers a unique window into the early Angkor period, around the late 9th century. Comprising primarily of three major temples – Bakong, Lolei, and Preah Ko – the Roluos Group marks the transition from pre-Angkorian tradition to the grandeur that would characterize later Angkorian temples.

Bakong: The Prototype of Temple Mountains

Bakong stands as the centerpiece of the Roluos Group and is considered the first temple mountain of sandstone constructed by rulers of the Khmer empire, symbolizing Mount Meru. It was built in the late 9th century under King Indravarman I’s reign. Surrounded by a moat, Bakong’s step pyramid structure is adorned with detailed carvings and statues, offering insight into the religious and social aspects of the time.

Preah Ko: The Sacred Bull

Preah Ko, meaning ‘Sacred Bull’, was constructed in 879 by King Indravarman I and dedicated to his ancestors. It’s known for its six brick towers arranged in two rows, each adorned with exquisite carvings and inscriptions. The temple’s name derives from the statues of bulls at the front of the central towers, representing Nandi, the mount of Shiva. Preah Ko’s inscriptions provide valuable information about the period’s social and political structure, making it an important site for historians.

Lolei: The Island Temple

The last to be built among the three, Lolei was constructed by King Yasovarman I in 893. Originally situated on an island in the middle of a now-dry baray (water reservoir), it was intended to serve both as a religious site and as part of the king’s water management system. Despite being the smallest and the least preserved, Lolei’s four brick towers on a single laterite platform showcase remarkable lintels and inscriptions that offer a glimpse into the era’s spiritual life.

  • Lolei


    Lolei may be the smallest temple within the Roluos Group, but its historical depth and tranquil charm offer a profound experience. It serves as a poignant reminder of Cambodia’s rich cultural heritage and the enduring spirit of its people. Lolei: The Last Jewel of the Roluos Group in Cambodia Lolei stands as the northernmost temple…

  • Preah Ko

    Preah Ko

    Preah Ko serves as a fascinating introduction to the early Angkor period. It offers visitors a glimpse into the foundational aspects of Khmer architecture and religious practices. Its historical depth and artistic beauty make it a compelling stop for those seeking the roots of Cambodian culture. Preah Ko: The Sacred Bull Temple of Ancient Cambodia…

  • Bakong


    Bakong: The Cornerstone of Angkor’s Majestic History Bakong stands as a monumental testament to the early Angkor period, marking a significant chapter in Cambodian history. Located in the Roluos group, about 15 kilometers southeast of Siem Reap, this temple predates the famous Angkor Wat. It offers visitors a glimpse into the dawn of Khmer architectural…