Beng Mealea Tour from Siam Reap

Discover the Mysteries of Beng Mealea: Cambodia’s Hidden Jewel

Nestled in the Cambodian jungle, Beng Mealea temple remains a hidden gem. Less known than Angkor Wat, it offers a unique glimpse into the past. This temple, overgrown by nature, feels like stepping into another world.

Beng Mealea
Beng Mealea Temple

The History and Charm of Beng Mealea

Built in the early 12th century, Beng Mealea predates many of Angkor’s famous temples. Historians believe it served as a model for Angkor Wat. Its name means “Lotus Pond,” reflecting the serene beauty surrounding it. Unlike many Angkor temples, Beng Mealea’s creator remains a mystery. This adds to its allure.

Exploring the Ruins

Visitors to this temple navigate through a maze of rubble and dense foliage. Massive sandstone blocks lie scattered, entwined with roots. The temple’s layout mirrors that of Angkor Wat. However, its untouched appearance offers a more adventurous exploration.

How to Get There

It is about 40 miles (50 km) east of Siem Reap. The journey takes around an hour by car. Hiring a guide or taking a tour is recommended. They can provide insights into the temple’s history and help navigate its ruins.

Why Visit Beng Mealea

It stands out for its raw beauty and tranquility. It’s ideal for those seeking adventure off the beaten path. Photographers and history buffs will find endless inspiration among its ruins.

Tips for Visiting

  • Go early to avoid crowds and enjoy cooler weather.
  • Wear sturdy shoes for navigating uneven terrain.
  • Consider a guide for a richer experience.

Nearby Attractions

Siem Reap, the gateway to Angkor, is the closest city to Beng Mealea. After exploring the temple, consider visiting the iconic Angkor Wat or the enchanting Ta Prohm temple.

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